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Caring for Hokkaido pumpkin - there is something to consider


If you take good care of your Hokkaido pumpkin, you will bring in a rich harvest. We explain what to look out for and what harms Hokkaido.

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A wonderful Hokkaido pumpkin is the dream of many gardeners. Not only because there are numerous competitions for the most beautiful pumpkins, but also because a plump fruit promises more enjoyment. So that a delicious pumpkin grows from the plant, you have to plant the Hokkaido pumpkin properly and also invest a little in the care. But don't worry, you don't have to be constantly on hand with a watering can, hoe and fertilizer. Maintenance is easier than expected.

Pour hokkaido pumpkin

Pumpkin plants do not cope well with drought. The most important rule in care is therefore keep the floor moist at all times, It is very good if you pour from below and pour directly on the earth. Not only do you guarantee that the water actually reaches the ground, you also prevent the leaves on the pumpkin from rotting due to the moisture.

»Water the Hokkaido pumpkin when you are away

But what if you are not there for a long time? There is a good way to avoid longer absences and thus missing pouring phases. This possibility is called indirect casting, And this is how it is done:

  1. Dig a small hole next to the pumpkin.
  2. Place a clay flower pot or other clay pot in the hole.
  3. Now add water to the pot. The clay penetrates the moisture and ensures that the pumpkin is always kept moist.

Fight predators on the Hokkaido pumpkin

How to protect your Hokkaido pumpkin from snails © jessica / One problem many gardeners can tell you about is snails. The little pests clearly enjoy pumpkin plants and eat the leaves. This will damage the plant.

  1. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your pumpkin plant cannot be reached by snails. This is particularly good if you put up a snail fence. This has a sharp upper edge that forms a "U" on the outside. The snails do not get into the bed over this edge.
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  3. Alternatively, you can place a plastic border with a sharp edge around the pumpkin.
  4. Sawdust, grit, sand, gravel or ash can also help against the worm infestation, since the animals are reluctant to move over these surfaces. However, these home remedies are not always successful.

" Tip:
Check daily if there are snails on your pumpkins. In the evening, collect the pests and dispose of them either near geese or far from your garden.