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Sun protection in the garden - 5 options


Sun protection in the garden is especially necessary when the sun is really hot on our planet. You can read about the different options here.

Everyone enjoys sitting in the garden in summer and relaxing. However, especially on really hot days, you can't stay in the blazing sun for long. Then it's good to have one Sun protection in the garden to have the necessary shade. If you are looking for such protection, you have 5 options.

Some of the options presented here not only offer a shady spot on hot summer days, but also serve as a nice decoration or as a privacy screen in your garden.

Trees - protection from nature

With trees and shrubs, Mother Nature ensures natural sun protection all over the world, which can also be implemented in your own garden area. Some plants are better for this than others.

Plane tree Platanus acerifolia

A Platanus acerifolia roof shape has been serving well since it found tree nurseries with roof trellises in their current shape. The undemanding plane tree, which can be planted anywhere, is one of the most important types of trees with a roof-shaped crown and is well suited as a shady spot. Garden plants planted in arches like that hornbeam offer natural protection against the sun and can provide shade all the way.

Trees are the cheapest option for sun protection, but generally only make sense if trees are already available. Because young plants often need decades to reach a suitable size.

Parasol - easy to transport and space-saving

An umbrella is easy to get and, depending on the model, also inexpensive. Due to its size, however, it is only suitable for shading smaller spaces.

If you are looking for a variable option that can be quickly folded and unfolded again and again and is easy to put away, such a parasol is recommended. It does not take up much space in your garden and is easy to store. It is important that the suitable stand provides a high counterweight for the umbrella and that it can be firmly anchored in the umbrella stand. A modern model can cover a radius of 360 ° and often has a large angle of inclination so that it can be aligned as desired.
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Awning - fixed installation on the wall

The awning cannot offer you the variable orientation and the possibility of transport that the parasol enables. It can only be used directly on the house, because permanent installation on the house wall is necessary here. However, not every wall is suitable for this. That is why there are clamp awnings that are clamped between the floor and the ceiling. Due to their type of attachment, these can also be used in various locations where the installation options are available.

The cost of the awning is much higher than that of trees or parasols. Once attached, it can be extended to the desired length, either using a crank or using electronics. There are also awnings with a light protection filter so that you are protected from UV radiation underneath.

Pergola Awning

A pergola awning is the connection between the fixed portico and an awning. It has an attachment for the wall and also stands that are anchored to the floor at certain intervals. This way, even large areas can be shaded, up to 25 m².

Pergola - Can be built yourself

A pergola can also be used as sun protection in the garden without the combination with the awning and can even be built by you. With stable wooden beams and climbing plants that grow quickly, a natural roof can be set up directly at the house and also freely in the garden. It protects the wallet and also looks decorative. You can vary the size yourself, how many piles you use for the pergola.

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Awning - can be used anywhere in the garden

A shade sail is a triangular, stretched cloth. It can be firmly anchored in a wall or in the garden floor. The anchorage must be checked again and again, as well as the posts of a free-standing sail. If the sail covering is made of durable polyester, this sun protection can also withstand wind and weather.

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Fabrics for awnings

It is best suited as sun protection in the garden if it is equipped with a coating that filters the UV light. The sunlight can then shine through the sail without any harmful side effects, so that it is shady underneath, but not dark. It can be purchased in many different colors and sizes so that you can adapt the sun sail to your garden furnishings or your individual wishes.

It is also possible to combine several sails with each other, which can also be set up or attached overlapping. This is the sun protection with the greatest design options.