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Decking: How to calculate the material requirement


Building a terrace yourself is a no brainer. Calculating the required decking is a little more difficult. But nothing goes wrong with these formulas.

Man is laying deck boards

Building a terrace yourself may sound difficult at first. But that's not it. The calculation of the required decking is much more difficult. And that doesn't just apply to the covering itself - after all, you have to build a wooden substructure beforehand. And, of course, the material requirements must also be calculated for these. After all, you don't want to buy too much material and spend too much money with it, do you?

You don't have to be a math genius to calculate material requirements. After all, there are simple formulas that can be used to easily determine this. And it doesn't matter whether you choose WPC decking or wooden flooring.

Preparation for the calculation

Before you can calculate anything at all, it is important that you stake out the terrace or its base using piles and a cord. Please always work very precisely, because the dimensions that you then have to take are required for the exact material calculation.

Calculate the amount of decking needed

If you want to calculate the material requirements for decking boards, then you have to write down a few important values ​​before the calculation. You need:

  • the width of the terrace
  • the width of the decking
  • Joint width between the boards (0.5 cm)
  • Wall connection joint (1 cm)

You can then use these values ​​to calculate the amount of decking required. Here's how you do it:

Width of the terrace: ((width of the decking boards + 0.5) + 1) = number of decking boards required

It is best to add 10 percent waste to this result.

Calculate material requirements for the substructure

Of course, you also have to calculate the material requirements for wooden beams for the substructure. After all, you cannot lay as many wooden beams as you want. It is also important that you know that the supporting beams of the substructure are always laid across the decking. So take a yardstick and measure the length from the building exit to the garden. Knowing that the beams are always laid at a distance of approx. 50 centimeters, you can then calculate the material requirements. Here's how you do it:

Length of the terrace: 50 (distance between the bars) = number of bars required

For example, if your terrace has a length of 300 centimeters, you can calculate 300: 50 = 6. So you need 6 construction timber. Then add 5 percent to the result for the waste.