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Cooking Beetroot - How To Do It Right


If you want to cook beetroot, be sure to wear gloves. The rest is pretty easy, as our guide shows.

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Some like it, no matter how it is prepared, others turn up their noses when it is served. We are talking about the beetroot. Admittedly, you really have to like the taste of the tuber. However, if you prepare them correctly, you will surely be able to convince one or the other of the taste. After all, most people do something wrong when cooking. No wonder then that nobody likes to eat them. So here is a description of how to properly prepare beetroot.

How to cook beetroot properly

1Before you Cook beetroot, you must first turn off the herb, if available. It is important that you do not cut the herb, otherwise the beetroot "bleeds".

2Place the unpeeled beetroot in boiling salted water and let it soak for about 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the size. The beetroot is done when you no longer encounter resistance when piercing with a fork. After that, you need to quench the vegetables with cold water.

3 Now you can easily remove the bowl using a kitchen knife. On the other hand, simply cut off the root and stalk. Then you can cut the delicious vegetables into slices or cubes depending on the recipe and continue to use them as required.

How about e.g. With…

  • Beetroot bread
  • or pickled beetroot
  • or maybe a beetroot soup?

Video instructions: Boil and peel beetroot

Extra tip:
The red color fades when cooking due to the salt water. If you add some vinegar or lemon juice to the cooking water, the color will stabilize.

7 questions and answers about beetroot

  1. Where does the beetroot get its name from?
    Beet is derived from the Latin beta and means beet.
  2. How do you write beetroot?
    Two spellings are common and allowed in Germany: beetroot and beetroot.
  3. Can you eat beetroot raw?
    Yes, processed in a salad or a smoothie, the beet has many nutrients.
  4. What can you do with the beetroot leaves?
    The beetroot leaves, also called beetroot leaves, can be used just like beet in the kitchen. For example in a beetroot pan, as a chutney or in scrambled eggs.
  5. Which spice goes well with beetroot?
    It's actually a matter of taste, but definitely salt and pepper. Depending on the recipe, also oil, vinegar and sugar.
  6. Can you eat the bowl of beetroot?
    Yes, the bowl tastes very strong, however, and therefore may not be everyone's sacche.
  7. How long should beetroot cook?
    That depends on the size of the beet. Usually between 40 and 60 minutes - take the fork test!


Always wear gloves when peeling. Beetroot contains betanine, a substance that used to be used for coloring. Accordingly, it colors your hands deep red. However, since betanine is not very heat-resistant, the red color loses again when you wash your hands very warm. However, they could still be a little red.