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Rosenbogen: Which material? Wood or metal?


Rose arches are available in various designs and different materials. We have summarized the advantages of the different materials for you.

© alisseja - An ornamental garden without roses? Inconceivably! We can enjoy their flowers all summer long. Here we have the choice between numerous varieties in different colors and growth forms. Climbing roses that rise up from a rose arch are particularly impressive.

Rose arches can be made of different materials. Which arch you ultimately choose depends not least on certain preferences for the respective material. Certainly practical properties also play a role, after all it should be a stable and long-lasting rose arch, which also knows how to convince visually and is harmoniously integrated into the outdoor area.

Different materials

Archways can consist of the following materials:

  • Wood
  • metal
  • plastic
  • bamboo

Rose arches made of wood

As a natural material, wood naturally integrates perfectly into your garden. A natural ambience is underlined. This is why a wooden rose arch, for example, is particularly good if you want to use it as a demarcation from the sitting area or terrace, which is already equipped with wooden furniture.

Wood has one disadvantage: it doesn't last forever. If an archway made of wood is to remain affordable, it usually consists of spruce or pine. The outdoor durability is about five years. The wood should not be used untreated. Then heat, moisture and frost build up on the rose arch and you can dismantle and renew the arch after half the time.

Finished rose arches are available from retailers. The three most popular on Amazon are:

1 vidaXL pine impregnated rose arch trellis… 17 reviews60,36 €To the shop
2 Galapara rose arch archway made of wood with door, 120 x… No reviews at the moment56,99 €To the shop
3 Melko Rosenbogen archway made of wood with door, 120 x 60 x… No reviews at the moment83,90 €To the shop

Rose arches made of metal

If your rose arch is going to endure a lot and should give you many years of pleasure, metal archways are the best choice. The robust frames are available in numerous different versions. The palette ranges from the simple and straightforward construction to playful ornaments. The massive archways made of metal are considered classic rose arches and are particularly versatile. You can also buy these rose arches at a reasonable price, as the following list shows:

1 KUHEIGA rose arch made of metal 12mm solid iron! B: ... 26 reviews145,00 €To the shop
2 KUHEIGA rose arch 12mm solid iron! W: 140cm ... 34 reviews185,00 €To the shop
3 Anaterra Rosenbogen, climbing aid for plants, ... No reviews at the moment21,85 €To the shop

Plastic rose arches

There is hardly any material that proves to be robust and durable. Plastic does not rot, it cannot rust, it does not become porous and does not mold. This contrasts with the fact that a rose arch made of plastic looks less natural. But you hide this fact with lush climbing roses.

If you choose such a variant, we have a small selection of plastic rose arches for you here:

1 KHW 37601 rose arch with 2 planters, white 6 reviews94,93 €To the shop
2 KHW 37905 rose arch with earth spikes, anthracite 1 reviews88,60 €To the shop

Rose arches made of bamboo

Bamboo is also an almost indestructible material and also very natural and appealing in appearance. Gardens with a Far Eastern touch in particular benefit from a rose arch made of bamboo. The bamboo sticks are easy to assemble and in combination with other elements made of bamboo, a coherent and harmonious picture results.

These are the bestsellers on Amazon:

1 vidaXL rose arch bamboo 145x40x187cm climbing aid… 2 reviews68,99 €To the shop
2 Festnight Bamboo Trellis Pergola with Arch Rose Arch… No reviews at the moment72,99 €To the shop