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Fire pit on the terrace - 3 variants in comparison


Thanks to a fireplace, you don't have to freeze on the terrace even on cooler days. Here are three options and their differences.

© Photographee.eu - Fotolia.comWhoever is waiting for the perfect terrace weather in our beautiful country will often be disappointed. Nothing is as unsafe as the weather forecast, at least it seems to me. Either you put up with the fact that the sun never shines at the hoped-for time, or you come to terms with somewhat colder temperatures.

In a previous post, we gave you a few tips on how to enjoy cool autumn days in the garden. Today we devote ourselves to the somewhat cooler summer evenings. More specifically, it is about a fire pit on the terrace and what options you have. Because who would like to move into the house freezing when it is just so cozy in a convivial group.

Safety first!

No matter which fireplace you choose, a word about safety in advance. Almost all variants are open fire. So before use, check whether there is a sufficient distance from other objects. The fire must also have a clear path upwards. Please retract any awnings! Pavilions also do not belong over a fireplace and always think of your neighbors. If you have a terrace apartment but live in a tenement house, you should better choose a radiant heater. Always inquire on site what the regulatory office etc. approves of open fireplaces on the terrace.

1. Fire bowl on the terrace - pure cosiness

© Luckyboost - Fotolia.com A fire bowl is exactly what the name says - a bowl in which a fire is lit. Hobby gardeners and patio owners like to build their own fire bowl, but there are already countless models in the trade that do an excellent job. Fire bowls bring cosiness and above all warmth. The advantage: Depending on the size, you can sit around the fire bowl with up to 8 guests (keep a good distance). This place is reminiscent of good old campfire times.

Only wood belongs in the fire bowl! Well-seasoned, dry hardwood, such as beech or oak, is best suited because it has a longer burning time than softwood. You can also use fruit tree pruning from the garden, but never use your fire bowl as a waste incinerator. Think about the smoke development! It is best to use soaked wood wool for lighting, for example from mokan.de. Or have you ever thought of making your lighter yourself, for example from egg box and wax? The instructions for this can be found on luckk.de.

2. Patio stove - permanent warmth

© Almgren - Fotolia.com The second way to make it really cozy on the terrace is a patio stove. The main feature is that all models have a chimney. This allows the smoke to rise and does not bother you or your guests. Because the stove is closed almost all around, you have more control over the fire and thus more security than with an open fire bowl. Terrace ovens come in a wide variety of shapes, from round, bulbous to pyramid-shaped, narrowly stretched upwards. The popular heat sources originally come from the Mexican region, where they were used for food preparation. For this reason, there are still models made of terracotta that you can even paint yourself.

The versions made of cast iron are somewhat more modern and also more heat-resistant, see ofen.de. The material has the advantage that it does not burn and keeps the heat even and long-term. And cast iron patio ovens have another advantage over the terracotta models - they are more weather-resistant and can stay outside in winter. Even if a patio stove appears expensive at first glance, the purchase pays off in the long run. Here too, heating is done with deposited, dry and above all untreated firewood. The patio stove usually has feet, but for safety reasons it cannot hurt to have a fireproof underlay - especially with wooden flooring.

3rd grill fireplace - 2 in 1

© Anna Lurye - Fotolia.com First of all, a barbecue is permanently installed. So you should be clear in advance about where the best place for this fireplace is. You may also need the approval of your chimney sweep, so it's best to ask beforehand. A grill fireplace not only looks good, it is also ready to use in no time. With this model you kill two birds with one stone, because you can use it to grill and to create cozy warmth.

Just like a patio stove, a grill fireplace has a smoke-free vent. The main advantage is certainly the 2 in 1 function. If you want to use the fireplace as an oven after grilling, just populate it with wood. Because of its "construction", heating is largely possible even in bad weather, i.e. rain. Depending on the design, a grill fireplace also offers plenty of storage space for cutlery and the like.

Fireplaces in comparison - brief overview

fire Pit
  • quickly set up
  • mobile use
  • central warmth
  • strong smoke development
  • not usable in the rain
terrace stove
  • Smoke pulls upwards
  • Heat resistant and weatherproof
  • mobile use
  • safe combustion
  • fireproof underlay recommended
  • somewhat expensive depending on the model
  • grilling and heating possible
  • visual highlight
  • not portable
  • stable construction
  • must be built up firmly
  • not portable