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Cucumber Soup Recipe - Cool Refreshment on Hot Summer Days


A cold cucumber soup is an optimal refreshment for the body on hot summer days. You can find out how to make such a cucumber soup yourself in no time here.

Delicious cold cucumber soup

Cucumbers are extremely popular in summer. But eat cucumber salad every day? No thanks! Cucumbers can be integrated into the menu much more diversely than many think. It doesn't always have to be just the slice of cucumber on the sausage bowl, there are some ideas for adding a little more variety.

Especially in years with a cucumber boom in the garden, one is often faced with the question "What am I going to do with the many cucumbers?" Of course you can give them away as gifts, but who likes to give away their own harvest? Try something new! How about a delicious cucumber soup? It not only tastes incredibly delicious, but is also extremely refreshing on really hot summer days.

Ingredients for the cucumber soup

For a delicious cucumber soup you need:

  • 2 cucumbers
  • a bit of salt
  • 750 grams of plain yogurt
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • some olive oil
  • white pepper
  • Crushed ice
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh mint

Preparation of the cucumber soup

You don't need much time to prepare for the cucumber soup. Allow approximately 25 minutes. The soup must then rest for at least two hours. So get ready in time so that you can be on the table in time for dinner.

➛ Step 1:

Grate the cucumbers into small pieces. Mix the mass with a teaspoon of salt and let the cucumbers drain for about 20 minutes.

➛ Step 2:

In the meantime, you can already finely chop the garlic and mint.

3 Step 3:

Now pour the dehydrated cucumbers into a serving bowl. Catch the cucumber water and put it in the fridge. Now put the yoghurt, the garlic, three tablespoons of oil and the mint in the serving bowl with the cucumbers. Cover the bowl and put it in the fridge for two hours.

4 Step 4:

After the cucumbers have been thoroughly pulled through, you can take the bowl out of the refrigerator and add enough cold cucumber water until a creamy consistency is obtained. Season the soup with salt and pepper.

5 Step 5:

As is well known, the eye eats too. Garnish your soup with a little mint and add some crushed ice if necessary. Finished!

Good Appetite!!!