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Trend: winter barbecues in the garden - what amateur barbecues should consider in the cold season


Is it too cold to grill in winter? No way! You just have to prepare your grill properly and dress appropriately, then winter barbecuing works wonderfully.

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A good grilled steak tastes great in every season. Not only a few or hard-boiled grill masters know this, but also the many hobby grillers who are already looking forward to the next barbecue in spring at the beginning of autumn. But why wait so long anyway? Even in winter, the grill can be turned on without any problems, and the winter temperatures in recent years have often reminded us of spring. After all, Christmas two years ago was 16 degrees in some places. But can the grill be used in winter as in any other season? Or do barbecue fans have to pay attention to something? This article explains.

Winterize the grill

Most barbecue enthusiasts make sure that the grill is protected during the winter. The grill is often carefully cleaned, dried and finally wrapped in a tarpaulin. If it is to be used in winter, the location is particularly important.

The lawn, on which the good piece may stand more frequently in summer, is often not really usable in the winter months. A location on the terrace or at another covered location would be particularly useful. The following is important for the protective utensils:

❍ Handling:

The grill should be repacked between each grill session. Grill hoods that are specially designed for this grill model are good here. Alternatively, stable plastic tarpaulins are used, which are wrapped tightly around the grill with a rope. They can be quickly removed and removed.

❍ Cleanliness:

Here, of course, it depends on the type of grill. Gas grills can be cleaned quite quickly and are ready for use in winter. If you want to grill with charcoal in winter, you have to be careful. Since the grill has to be stored and covered again after use, special attention should be paid to the coal container. It must be emptied before the tarpaulin comes over the grill.

❍ Connections:

The connections from the gas grill must be checked particularly in winter. The gas hose is rather unruly in cold temperatures and cannot be easily attached. It helps to warm it up in the interior before connecting. By the way, all connecting parts should only remain on the grill during winter. This also applies to gas bottles or gas cartridges.

❍ gas:

In winter the gas grill should be operated with propane and not butane gas. Propane gas only liquefies from just below minus 50 degrees, while butane gas becomes liquid around freezing point.

In general, the barbecue area should be covered in winter. The weather is often just too changeable to just start the grill. But be careful: The location may only be covered. Closed terraces or the garage are never suitable for barbecuing, even if the door remains open. Charcoal grills produce life-threatening carbon dioxide here.

What should you wear?

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The temperatures on the grill are always warm, but grill masters should dress warmly. It should not be forgotten that the heat mainly comes from the front, so that the back often cools down. Anyone who only wears a thin sweater, especially in the wind, is guaranteed to cool off. Otherwise applies:

❍ Tight-fitting clothes:

The clothing should be as tight as possible. Ordinary jeans, sweaters and a jacket are enough. However, care should be taken to ensure that no drawstrings dangle around. You could get caught in the grillage and catch fire.

❍ No scarves:

Scarves have no place on the grill - not even in winter. Even loosened around their necks, they loosen too quickly and can catch fire.

❍ Fixed jacket:

Down jackets or winter jackets filled with polyester do not belong near the grill. With charcoal in particular, sparks can fly and set the jackets on fire. And even if there is no fire: fire holes from the sparking blow ruin every jacket.

What food is suitable for winter barbecuing?

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What ultimately ends up on the grill depends of course on your own taste. However, barbecue enthusiasts have to put in a little more effort in winter, because the quick walk to the meat counter of the local supermarket does not produce any seasoned and marinated results. The grilled meat must be seasoned and prepared yourself in winter. Otherwise, you can grill everything that would cook on the grill even in summer. Only with vegetables can - and should - grill friends rely on seasonal varieties. Pumpkin, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts or even leeks taste great when grilled. Things only get problematic when the food is cooked:

❍ meat:

Meat should be prepared in the amount in winter that it can be eaten directly. It then takes a while between individual courses or until you look up. To prevent the cold wind from freezing the steak again, it is served in the bun or between slices of bread.

❍ vegetables:

Here too, it is important not to cook too much at once. However, grill lovers can help a little here by using insulated bowls for eggplants, onions and the like. Casserole dishes, earthenware or insulated bowls keep the vegetables warm.

❍ Soups:

Soups are a great way to stay warm while grilling. They can of course be cooked on the grill.

Incidentally, charcoal grills should get the coal and lighter in the summer, because in the winter they can often only be bought online. In addition, more lighters are often required in cold temperatures, just as it takes longer for the coal to be ready for grill.

Conclusion: enjoy your meal!

There is no wrong season for barbecuing. Barbecue fans can swing the tongs in winter as well as in summer - only the external circumstances change. However, the grill must be made suitable for winter and grills with lids are generally more useful. If you have the equipment, you can get started. Only one thing grill masters have to do without: beer. As good as it tastes with grilled meat in summer, guests at the wintry garden party don't want to hold the cool blonde in their hands. A good punch or mulled wine can of course be prepared for this - in style on the grill.